Collaboration with Victoria Gwen Designs

Victoria Gwen Designs

Collaboration with Victoria Gwen Designs

Are you seeking a designer to put a phenomenal, non-cookie cutter logo or website together? Victoria Gwen Designs is the firm you need!

Web Design, SEO and Site Management

Are you seeking a designer to put a responsive and engaging website together for your business? You found me! While I do use WordPress as a platform of choice here at Victoria Gwen Designs, I am open to others as well.  Regardless of your choice, your site will be a unique and very “non-cookie cutter” website that works well in desktop, tablet and phone views.

I also do SEO and website management, as well as copy-writing and content creation.  What this means for you is that you can get your entire site from zero to published without doing anything at all!  Because each client has different levels of need with their site, I offer a free, one hour consultation to everyone so that I can fully understand their business, goals and vibe, and site requirements before putting a proposal together.

Branding and Logos

If you absolutely do not want a ho-hum logo and are looking for an immersive, personalized branding experience, then Victoria Gwen Designs is the firm you’ve been seeking.  Branding and logo packages are a little different in that I can anticipate how those will come together so there is a page regarding pricing.  I offer three levels of our branding experience to fit every budget from the brand new start-up to the veteran company looking to re-brand and up their game.

Ghost Writing and Social Media Management

Bloggers! Are you having a hard time getting the words down for your posts each week, or twice per week?  At Victoria Gwen Designs, I offer ghostwriting for those entrepreneurs who are so busy with all of their operations, that the blogging part gets behind and maybe isn’t at a level you would like it to be.

Social media management and content creation is yet another service offered by Victoria Gwen Designs as I realize this can be a very time consuming activity for any entrepreneur, especially when factoring in curating and creating content and researching hashtags and what’s trending, as well as analyzing the data and adjusting accordingly.  It can just get to be too much and your time is better spent taking care of your clients to get the word of mouth advertising working for you!  Stellar customer service is literally our best form of advertising because we then get endorsements and word of mouth advertising. People take other consumer’s opinions very seriously when making decisions. Let me take that over for you and give you back hours of your time!

I can put a package together for you to include any, or all of our services here to make it a “one stop shop” for many of your outsourced business needs. Send a message here and we can set up that consultation and get you on the road to more time to focus on YOUR clients and as a result, YOUR joyful activities.

I can give you back something very precious and finite … time.

Tanya – Victoria Gwen Designs


Here at Victoria Gwen Designs, I want every client to know that they can contact me with even the seemingly “small” questions.  While I am working on your website, we will set up weekly updates, whether by video chat or phone, these are important so that you know what is going on with your site!  Additionally, you can be as involved as you would like to be in the site, but regardless of that level, you will always have the passwords and own your own domain.

I am confident that you will be pleased with your decision to work with our design firm – whether it’s the responsive and engaging website, social media management, ghost writing your blog, or any number of services, it’s my mission for clients to be delighted with our services in helping their business to rise above the noise of this ever-expanding digital age. Contact me today to set up your free, no obligation consultation.

I look forward to getting to know you!

Tanya ~ Victoria Gwen Designs