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Women’s History Month

Why Women’s History Month should matter to you – even if you aren’t a woman!

Did you know that March is Women’s History Month?  This is the perfect time to share your knowledge about the many phenomenal women that have accomplished so much, against so many odds.  If your knowledge about women in history isn’t exactly extensive, that’s ok!  But remedy that!  No matter your station in life-mom, dad, teacher, minister, aunt, neighbor, day care provider, uncle,  Girl Scout leader, grandma- chances are that you have women in your life in various stages of their lives and you can be the one who fills their heads with knowledge of the amazing things that the women in history have done and are doing.  You!

There are so many sources for great information and a ton of books written for every age group!  Below are just a few from a four second search, all available on Amazon (no affiliate-I just use it a lot!)

I would also like to give you a link to look into that is a whole website dedicated to raising up strong, independent and curious women with a gigantic list of resources, games, books, movies, etc.

 And this link leads to a list of 75 biographies of amazing women for the adult reader, because now you’re interested!

Again, no affiliate with Mighty Girl, but it is a great source of all kinds of information for use in the raising of young women. I have gotten a lot of stuff from here over the years between raising my two young ladies and having a Girl Scout troop for ten years! 

Be the Spark!

Anyway, please encourage the little girls in your life to be whatever it is they want to be.  Give them the tools to do so.  Take her to museums and explore.  Search STEM activities on the internet and do those with her to spark that curiosity.  Children’s museums are a fantastic way to try new and exciting things with themes each month.  Look for the bugs underneath rocks and logs and learn about them.  Get a bird book from the library and learn about the birds at the feeder.  Don’t forget to see if there are any community activities for Women’s History Month at your local library and the schools. The possibilities are endless.  Just be that someone who creates that spark!

We as a society need to encourage our girls into STEM/STEAM activities and studies more.  This can be done by doing the things mentioned above, but do take the time to Google “How can I help my daughter become interested in STEM?”  as well as “STEM activities for elementary age girls” or whatever age group you have!  Again, be the spark! #beakersnotbarbies is my hashtag that I came up with because I am a huge advocate for this! Most important of all, make sure that the young ladies in your life know that there aren’t “rules” for what boys and girls can play with, play at, or grow up and become! If they can dream it, they can do it!

I’ll be back soon with some short autobiographies and highlighting some of these amazing women in history!  What an exciting month!

Have the best week ever!


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