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Time Marches On …

Kasey goes to kindergarten!

Time marches on … This last few months have really just flown by and soooo much has happened, changed and every colloquialism you can imagine. Life throws curveballs and you either learn to dodge them, get hit or bat it out of the park. I opted for the last option and returned to the 9 to 5 life, working as a nurse case manager in long term care, which honestly, is a great job with a pretty awesome team. Don’t get me wrong, there is always that one person who is not ideal, but that person is literally at every single job you work at. I’m probably that one person for others (insert giggle, because I know that I am!). The best part really, of course, is the residents. I hadn’t realized just how much I had missed being around old folks. I laugh every single day, most days it’s many times. They call it like they see it and the brutal honesty totally cracks me up. Their stories fascinate me-there are literally these whole lives, heads full of wisdom and wonderful stories, that so many people are missing out on. Did you know we are losing our WWII vets pretty rapidly and soon there will be no one who can tell us first hand accounts of Iwo Jima, Pearl Harbor or Normandy beach. Our Korean and Vietnam vets aren’t too terribly far behind.

“If a family has an old person in it, it posseses a jewel.” – Chinese Proverb

The Baby Graduates

And time continues … marches on with no regard to us willing it to slow down, even for a day. Just to catch our breath. And next thing we knew, time led us to the high school graduation of our youngest, Kasey. It also happened to be her 18th birthday in June so we threw a party combining both of these huge events of course! Hawaiian themed with pineapple smoked ham, grilled chicken with sweet Asian BBQ sauce, cheesy potatoes, Grandma Genny’s baked beans, Hawaiian mac salad-with Spam, not ham, mixed fruit-and, the most amazing cupcakes made by Kellie G’s Cupcakes! They were maple spam (yes. Spam. AND super yummy!), Coffee cupcakes with kahlua frosting, and pineapple inside out cupcakes. Of course, the DJ, fireworks and tiki bar were fun and then a couple of her friends played live music after all of that. Such a fantastic time with family and friends from near and far (Okay, Minnesota, so kinda far)! Great memories that will be treasured forever.

Marching with Time vs. It Right Over Me!

There is a LOT more in between there but the point is, I am readjusting to life as it is and getting back into the swing of things, including more attention to Victoria Gwen Designs. Getting the sparkle back. Getting back to self-care days. Getting back to nurturing the relationships that mean something; matter. Letting go of the dryer lint of life that serves no purpose. Still working on that RN to BSN. Have our 7th annual family camp at the end of the month with a redneck theme … should be a great time! My beautiful niece has a softball game tonight, her last of the season, so I’ll be going to that. Treasure those seemingly little things and thanks for listening!


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