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Life is short so why are you living it barely checked in and in survival mode? What’s stopping you from getting more out of life and acheiving all of your goals?

What’s Stopping You?

How many of you find yourselves literally just struggling to get through life? Has the day to day and same old routine gotten to you? Have you resigned yourself to this being your life and “just the way things are”-part of being a grown up? Do you start each new year with gusto and thinking that you are going to accomplish so much and then little to none of it actually happens? Do you fold like a limp t-shirt out of the dryer the second those first naysayers shoot your ideas and dreams down?

What Would You Change?

I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way! Somewhere inside of you there is a person with dreams of a better life. Maybe it’s a better career, more traveling, more time to camp. Do you struggle with self esteem and feeling like you have no other skills and wonderful things to offer the world? Do you find yourself comparing your life to other people’s lives and feel like yours is just ridiculously lacking? The thing is, you aren’t alone in feeling any or all of these things. You’re also not alone in trying to figure out what to do to get out of the rut of daily life and going after your goals. This is exactly why more people aren’t millionaires. It’s not that they aren’t capable or have the skill sets, it’s the getting organized and believing that they can actually do it.

Or maybe you dream of a more organized household to have less chaos and smoother mornings getting out of the house. Do you find yourself thinking about all of the things that you should get done to make life a little easier like meal plans, family emergency information, a family communication center, and much more with a household binder that literally has all of the information you need in one handy, dandy spot? Maybe the kids closets are out of control and the bane of your existence? Do you have a house full of “stuff” and you actually have no idea what half it is (especially those last 10 totes shoved in the corner of the basement)? Does just looking around your house exhaust you and you don’t know where to start? I can help you get a grip on all of this and get your house organized.

ACEs-They Aren’t Just Cards in a Deck

Believe it or not, the events of childhood have been found to have the most lasting effects well into adulthood. Even worse, when they are Adverse Childhood Events, or ACEs, they can have very devestating and debilitating effects. ACEs were first brought to the attention of the world at large following a large study by the CDC and Kaiser-Permanente, a prestigious West Coast medical system. To summarize the findings: the more traumatic the events that occured in childhood, to include the number of different events and occurences, was found to have a direct effect on how well each person was doing as an adult.The adverse events were quite inclusive and range from moving a lot to being molested to living with alcholic parents to living with abusive parents. The more events they experienced, the more likely that the subject suffered from one or more addictions, mental health issues and physical ailments as well, often leading to an earlier than normal death. You can learn more here.

Coming to terms with the past, and confronting them, working through them … getting validation; all will help you in ways I can not even begin to describe. I have been there. I certainly don’t feel that I am a lone, special statistic in any way, but I know how much having this information helped me to overcome a LOT of obstacles in my life-many of which were in my head. So much so, that I was able to drop 60 pounds and keep it off (and I am still working towards the overall goal here!).

OK, So What Now?

The first step is literally the hardest, and that is admitting that you may indeed suffer from this psychological phenomeneon and probably do need some assistance in overcoming it. Imagine what life could be like if you could truly let go of the past and move forward, to rise above the noise of your past and let your true personality emerge and your spirit have a chance to explode!

This life we have is just too short to be wasting another day just in survival mode, not even fully checked in to your own life. The thought of that makes me sad for you. Let’s fix it! Together we can set SMART goals and work on a plan to get you where YOU want to be in life! I want to share with you all of the tools that I have to help you get more enjoyment out of your life, which will then improve the lives of everyone within your circle, whether that be hubby, kids, parents, boyfriend, co-workers … whoever your important people are, they will all benefit from the uncovering and setting free of the true you!


Personal Coaching – Let’s make your life mmm, good! Through a combination of virtual sessions, webinars, small reading assignments, worksheets, and other tools we will dive in and uncover the authentic and true you. If you happen to be within driving distance, we can also set up some face to face sessions if you’d like. We will work one on one, twice weekly at first to get the intake and goals set up. I ask for a three month commitment at minimum as well as an all in mindset from you in order to accomplish your goals. It will be worth the work, trust me! $3600/3 months

Control the Chaos – You need some help organizing your house, one room at a time, and getting a number of consistent processes set up to help your household run a little (ok, a lot) smoother. Again, you need to be fully committed to making the changes that need to be made, but I am here to help you every step of the way! This can be done virtually with meetings every week to discuss processes and homework. Minimum of one month commitment and you are on your way to having the organized chaos that we all have come to know as a way of life! $1500/1 month

Contact me for more information and to set up a no-obligation consultation and question and answer session. Don’t waste any more time not fully engaged in your own life-you only get the one!

** Prices change for on-site coaching, to include travel costs and other miscellaneous

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